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Mediterranean Restaurants in Battersea | Fish in a Tie

No 13 Restaurant

Fish in a Tie Specials Menu


Special pasta (for main £7.95) £6.25
Spicy calamari salad £4.45
Asparagus with smoked salmon £4.75
Asparagus with hollandaise sauce £4.45
Butterfly prawns salad £4.65
Spicy prawns and avocado salad £5.95
Goat cheese with sweet pepper salad £4.45
Moules mariniere (in white wine, shallots, garlic & cream) (for main £6.95) £4.95

Main course (vegetables included)

Trout with garlic king prawns £8.95
Roasted sea bass with fresh rosemary £9.95
Linguine with a half Lobster £11.25
Sirloin steak with Port wine sauce £10.45
Marinated lamb steak with black peppercorn sauce £8.65
Rib-eye steak served with garlic butter £10.45
Ostrich steak in béarnaise sauce £10.45
Breast of duck with leeks, honey & ginger sauce £8.95
Medallions of pork with mushrooms, bacon, mozzarella & tomato sauce £8.65
Pot roasted knuckle of lamb £9.45

Desserts £3.45

Frozen Zabaglione
Cheese Plate
Black Tulip (crispy pancake with pear, cream & chocolate sauce)
Apple Pie
Chocolate mousse
Banoffie Pie
Ice Cream